Liam O Connor

Liam O´Connor

“With our background in Retail Design and with over twenty five years’ experience, working directly with Clients, developing various Outlets from local Foodmarkets, larger scale Supermarkets, Fashion Outlets and Sport Shops, we were always looking for the ‘missing link’ in our Design package.

We were able to design to appeal to all of our senses, expect our sense of smell. When we discovered Air Creative we knew immediately that what they had to offer was a perfect fit for our ‘missing link’. Since joining the Team at Air Creative they have exceeded our expectations with what they deliver and we have yet to come across any other product in the market place that compares in any way to this unique product.

Our customers, although new to the concept, are intrigued as to how we can now, naturally solve odour problems and at the same time enhance the ambience of their premises. Nothing gives our team, here in Ireland, more satisfaction than getting calls from our clients, requesting us to install our systems into more areas within their premises”

Liam O´Connor
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